Top Trends for HVAC Industry in 2017

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As the world’s attention turns to energy efficiency, HVAC installers who know their stuff will be in high demand. If you know what’s trending in equipment, you can help your customers score well with popular certification programs. This means you’ll be busy all year! Make sure you know what to look for in fittings to […]

New HVAC Products to See and Keynotes to Listen to at CMPX 2016

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Each year the Canadian Mechanical and Plumbing Exhibition, known as CMPX, is a showcase for the latest products and innovations in the HVACR industry. It’s jointly produced by the Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI), representing HVAC manufacturers, wholesalers and contractors, along with the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH), which […]

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Housing outlooks positive for 2015 amidst suddenly falling interest rates

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Many Canadian home builders started 2015 with some apprehension over the impact higher interest rates might have on their businesses. A lot of economists were predicting the price of borrowing was going to rise in Canada, possibly as early as this spring. Here we are a few weeks later, and the Bank of Canada is […]

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Mid-rise wood frame construction makes sense for Ontario

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Expected changes to Ontario’s building code could spike wood frame construction.  Builders will be allowed to create mid-rise six-storey structures from wood.  Currently, they are limited to four storeys.  It’s a change that was implemented in British Columbia five years ago, and could soon deliver some major construction advantages in Canada’s most populated province. The big benefit […]

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Terminator: Termination for your pipe, collar for your grille

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Primex Manufacturing Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of the Terminator HVAC diffuser collar, the solution to sloppy, inaccurate termination of HVAC, and HRV ducting. Terminator—a rigid, molded housing with built-in flanges and measurements for all standard applications—eliminates guesswork and simplifies installation. The strong, industrial-grade plastic is durable, lightweight, non-rusting and has no sharp […]

Introducing the new Primex HVAC Venting website

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Primex is pleased to announce the unveiling of the new HVAC Venting website. Now, you can easily navigate the entire range of Primex HVAC Venting products including features and specifications. Visit the ‘Solutions’ section to find out the best products for  your applications and then stop by the ‘Contact’ page to enquire about pricing and […]