RV28 – Goose-Neck Roof Vent

Dimensions: HOOD SIZE: H: 15.7”/W: 15.3”/D: 9.5”

The Primex Goose-Neck Roof Vent (RV28) is built for the through-roof exhaust of dryers, bathroom and kitchen fans, stove vents, and intake for furnaces, fresh air makeup, and attic venting.

This patented, durable, watertight roof vent is easily installed and adapted to fit 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8-inch ducting (with optional adapter) for a perfect fit every time.


• Provides all-weather ventilation with 5” of additional height for snow clearance.
• Maximize inventories turns with single hood size and separate 4 to 8-inch easy snap-in adapters.
• Patented design eliminates leaky joints and maximizes water protection with one-piece, molded hood.
• Ensures watertight installation with over-sized flange.
• Resists damage from sun and hail with UVprotected, impact resistant polymer resin.
• Simple intake/exhaust conversion via removable damper.

NOTE: For dryer applications use “no screen“ (NS) model.



• Black (25)
• Dark Grey / Weathered Wood (28)
• Light Grey (31)
• Dark Brown (68)