Six Reasons Plastic is Perfect for HVAC Vents and Hoods

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When it comes to choosing HVAC intake/exhaust vents for your next construction project, you will likely be comparing the options in metal and plastic.  So, which material is the better choice?  In recent years, new plastic technologies have created some significant advantages.  Here are six of them:     Weather resistance and durability Outdoor vent covers […]

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Three tips to efficiently beat the summer heat in your next home

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Three cooling tips for homebuilders It’s July, and after a long, cold winter across most of North America, scorching summer temperatures have returned.  While there is plenty for people to enjoy outside right now, many of us will undoubtedly be focusing on the indoor discomforts that come with the heat. “It’s too hot to sleep.” […]


Range Hood Exhaust Fans are a Match with Plastic Exhaust Vents

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Installation of an exhaust fan above a stove is a critical step in creating safe and enjoyable kitchens. Ideally, those fans will exhaust smells, smoke, water vapour and other gases to the outside. The idea is simple, but choosing the right materials to include in your design is not always easy. Most jurisdictions have strict standards […]


Five Ways to Improve Your Duct Termination

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Routing HVAC ductwork can be a complicated challenge, but your troubles aren’t over when you reach the end of a duct in a wall or ceiling. You still need to cap it off with a vent or grille cover such as the Primex Whisper Grille.  Working in tight spaces can make achieving a clean finish […]